Espositore - scarpa da calcio

Espositore trasparente in acrilico con base a specchio, progettato per esibire e proteggere i suoi preziosi cimeli sportivi. Progettato su misura per le scarpe da calcio e altri cimeli sportivi di dimensioni analoghe.
Spedito entro 1-2 giorni lavorativi

Internal case dimensions:
290 x 178 x 178 mm

* Acrylic display case provides seamless view of treasured items without unsightly metal frames found on glass cases
* Unique hand crafted engineered wooden base available in different finishes
* Perfectly sized for single boots, boxing gloves, medal, trophy and ornament displays
* 90% UV protected acrylic for sunlight and dust protection
* Manufactured from crystal clear acrylic 5-sided case, which is easily removed, and mounted on a hand crafted wooden base.